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The Inner Voice workshop is a 3 hour journey, created for you to go deeper into your intuition than you ever have before. 

All of the questions your mind has ever had about your work, money, relationships, family, health, politics can be answered from your intution or what we call Inner Voice

What to expect? 

We will gather in circle on Sunday 14th November at 2pm in the beaufiul Our Space, Rodney Street Liverpool, giving you the opportunity to connect with new people in a safe and encouraging space. 
You will learn:

  • the difference between your inner voice and mind 

  • ​how to connect to your inner voice 

  • how to release an emotion that is blocking you from hearing your inner voice

  • the three things that happen when you are connected to your inner voice

  • the differnent ways you can commmunicate 

  • how to use your inner voice in your daily life for more ease, peace and joy (yes its possible for us all)

    You will have the opportunity to speak to your own inner voice in a group setting and a couple of people can also be in the hot seat, were we speak to your inner voice 1:1. During these three hours you will be strengthening the connection with your inner voice and this connection will always be there in your life. This work is life changing and to gift yourself with this is the biggest act of self love I can imagine. Connecting to your inner voice means you trust the inner knowing even more deeply than anyone elses opinion. You are expanding your awareness to a level that will keep growing and bring a better understanding of yourself and others.

If you feel called to connecting to your intuition on a deeper level, are ready to change your life for the better and can feel a full body yes from your inner voice, follow that yes and book your place today.