The Journey


Inner Voice Mentorship Programme 

6 weeks of mentorship, led by your inner voice to

  • unpack resistance and limiting beliefs in the mind

  • release trauma or emotions in the body that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential

  • develop your connection and communication skills with your inner voice

  • discover your inner voice’s desires for your life and how to manifest this 

  • learn how to surrender completely into the unknown, and build deeper trust with your higher self

  • take the leap into inner voice led life 

In our society, we are taught from birth that the mind is in charge and that mind is then conditioned with beliefs and ideas from your parents, environment, media, friends and we loose touch with our true selves. The mind makes decisions and creates a life based on these beliefs. The inner voice or intuition is our inner guidance system. It’s the peaceful place inside us that is untouched by these beliefs and conditions. When we connect to this place and start to follow its nudges and make decisions from this peaceful place, life begins to flow and you will feel completely in alignment with the path that your higher self has created for you. This manifests as more joy and abundance and allows you to become present with everything that comes into your life. Are you ready to create your dream life? 


Inner voice led mentorship is for anyone who is

feeling lost and looking for guidance

ready to release past trauma

ready to begin your healing journey 

ready to step into inner voice led life

ready for life that is full of flow, ease and peace

ready to face and accept what life is presenting 

willing to take ownership of this present moment

ready to start living life to its fullest 

ready to claim what is yours




Week 1      Meeting your Inner Voice

Week 2     Meet your Bean Bags 

Week 3     The Power in Resistance 

Week 4    Aligning with your Dreams 

Week 5     Surrender into Uncertainty  

Week 6     Take the Leap

Week 8     Follow up call

The Journey was created by my inner voice to help you discover the power that is already inside you and step into the life you are meant to lead. I never realised that life could be fun, I had this belief that it was hard until I met my own inner voice. She gave me nudges for years until eventually, even my mind got sick of holding back and being in the shadows. I've now created a life I'm excited to be in and I want you to be able to say the same. 

  • 6 Inner Voice Sessions (value £1998)

  • 6 Mentoring Sessions (value £1200)

  • Personalised Meditations (value £111)

  • Community of other Journey Members (priceless)

  • A life changing experince to bring flow, peace and abundance into you life (priceless)

If you feel the call from your inner voice, take the first leap!

To apply email

or book a free consultation call