A Four Week Course in the Spiritual Practice of Surrender 

Surrender is the spiritual practice of letting go of control and trusting in the complete uncertainty of life. 

How does it make you feel to imagine a life where you no longer try to control everything or plan for every scenario? 
Who is the course for?
  • if you struggle with uncertainty 
  • if you always need to be in control
  • if you feel fear around the future
  • if you feel anxiety when something goes 'wrong' 
  • if you have a lack of trust in yourself when making decisions
  • if you've experienced trauma that made you need to know every detail and plan for every outcome 
  • if you're frustrated with this way of living and are ready to change
  • if you've been feeling the nudge from your intuition (inner voice) to make decisions that feel scary 
What to expect?

We will meet Tuesday evenings on zoom 7-9:30 pm for a group coaching call. Each week we will work through the stages of surrender and you will learn the different tools that have helped me on my own surrender journey, to build trust in the uncertainty of life and bring you more peace. The sessions will be recorded for anyone who can't attend live and each person signing up will have a 1:1 inner voice session with me at any point during the course. 
What's included in the course?
  • Four group coaching calls
  • A private inner voice session 
  • Surrender Ebook
  • Journaling prompts
  • Pranayama 
  • Meditation 
  • EFT with a special guest 
  • A community group for continued support

Week 1 - Surrender to the Story 
Investigating the story around your fear of uncertainty or need to control and identify your hot topic (career, money, relationships, family, health, world events).

Week 2 - Surrender to Emotion​
Using the bean bag technique to release the emotion connected to the story. This changes the story at a cellular level, which means rewriting your story happens in the body as well as the mind. 
Week 3 - Surrender to Action 
Your inner voice will lead the way, giving you the steps that will assist in surrender. This week is crucial in building trust in your intuition and the universe. 
Week 4 - Surrender to Uncertainty
After taking action, allowing yourself time to process the journey and celebrate how far you have come, before stepping into the world with your new outlook and practice of surrender. 
Beginning Tuesday 19th October for four weeks
19:00-21:30 on zoom (sessions recorded for those who can't attend live.
Your investment -  £333 (if you require a payment plan email
Before signing up, ask your inner voice 'is this course for me', if you get a yes, sign up! Follow that yes as your first step to surrender. If you get a no, that's ok it might not be the right time. 
Any questions email me or message me on Instagram hanbyrne_