I can't even begin to explain how many times I've recorded this introduction *takes deep breath*. Hello and welcome to the introduction episode of The Journey a podcast designed to bring you guidance on your spiritual journey and help you to go deeper in your inner voice that you ever have before. I am Hannah Byrne your host, I am a yoga teacher and inner voice facilitator from Liverpool in the UK. The inner voice, if you're unfamiliar, I'm going to be speaking about this a lot on the show, it's basically just your intuition, that peaceful place inside yourself, that inner knowing when you know something in your bones, that is the inner voice and it speaks back to us it communicates with us through words, visuals and feelings. I hold space through inner voice sessions, were I speak directly to the clients inner voice for 90 minutes to two hours and any of the questions or resistance that is in the mind, the inner voice has the answers to. If you are interested in the sessions head to hanbyrne.com/innervoice. 

What the journey is all about and why I've decided to create this? It's been a long time coming and it just hadn't aligned as the mind has been resistant, it had that story of not being good enough and lots of self doubt but we're overcoming that! She's learnt a lot over the last year! So I've created this podcast because I know when I started out on this spiritual journey, which I figured out before has been about 12 years. I always pin point it back to when I read the secret, which I would not recommend, if you haven't read it, don't do it. I'll explain why I don't recommend it one day but if it does resonate with you then go for it. The secret is were I had my eyes opened to this world. I was always aware there was something bigger and when I read the book it put the pieces together that had been in my mind and that was the beginning of that journey, which led to a lot more study of myself through different types of modalities. When I did start that journey, I got really deep into podcasts, it was my place to go and listen to other peoples stories who were further along in this journey than me and it helped me to know that I wasn't on my own. At this point spirituality wasn't as popular, not as many people were aware of it so podcasts were my place to connect with other communities of people that were going through the same shit. This really helped me, it opened my eyes to many things, it taught me a lot and is why I ended up training to be a yoga teacher because I learnt how to communicate with my inner voice and it told me to go and do the training, which was a journey on its own.

I wanted to create this space for you to be able to listen to other peoples journeys, so I'll be inviting guests on to share their own experiences. If you want to share yours then reach out to me on instagram @hanbyrne_ or through the website and if it flows and aligns we can get you on. I really want this to be a space for you to come and learn about yourself, about new modalities and tools that are going to help you along on your journey because that's what this work is about for me, helping other people, it brings me so much joy and right now that's through the inner voice work. It was through teaching yoga for a long time but now it has definitely moved into the inner voice work because of how powerful it's been in my own journey and seeing over the last year the big decisions I've made from my inner voice that has brought me so much more peace and happiness than I've ever had before and that's because I wasn't making decisions from the mind. I had a powerful experience a few weeks ago, that I'll get into more in the next episode, in an inner voice session my inner voice showed me a time in my life were I made a decdion from the mind and I could see myself crying and feeling so lost and scared in a really dark place and then it showed me when I made a big decision form my inner voice and it gave me the feeling of how I felt that which was pure peace and happiness. This was my inner voice showing me this is what happens when you follow the mind, which you have a choice to do and what happens when you follow us. This helped me in making another big decision because why wouldn't you want to feel full of place or make decisions from a place that has lots of resistance, the mind has so many stories from society, parents, environment, friends, media, whereas the inner voice is untarnished by those stories or beliefs, it a pure place, your true self which is why it's so powerful. 

This was just a really short and sweet introduction episode. my mind wanted me to do this big intro epsiode to discuss my journey so far, which for 12 years we'd be doing Joe Rogan episodes, which there's a good chance that could happen with me anyway, but my inner voice wasn't resonating with that. It wants me to talk to you about where I am now, the next episode I'll be sharing what's happening in my life, the big lessons that are coming up for me right now which is all about surrender and trust. I'll be discussing some of the massive life changes that I've made over the last 12 months, that have made me so fucking happy and I want you to be able to do the same which is why I'm sharing it. this isn't about teaching you to live a life exactly like mine but helping you to figure out what will bring that trust and happiness in for you because everyone deserves that. 

As I do live through this inner voice led life, the episodes are going to come when my inner voice wants me to record and share them so there won't be a schedule. it will just be when it flows, so I'm only bringing you the good shit. if its a day were I'm not feeling good, recording and episode isn't the best idea so I'll let it flow. this might mean you get three episodes a week, it might mean you get one every couple of weeks. please subscribe so you get a notification when new episodes do come out. fi you have any questions or requests on epodes then give me a message on instagram @hanbyrne_ and I will see you next time. sending you so much love and peace on your journey