Moon Circle

solstice circle.jpg

Every new and full moon we will gather from all corners of the world to connect to the moon and harness her energy to create change, release what we don't need, and envoke abundance.

What to expect from Moon Circles? 

We will gather on zoom (recorded for those who can't make it live), to connect to each full and new moon. Each gathering will be different, as the moon moves through the astrological signs every 3 days and each sign has different energies we can connect to, using meditation, breathwork, movement and journaling. 

Circles are a beautiful way to get to share your journey with other people and be part of a community. 


October's Circles

New Moon in Scorpio: Wednesday 4th November 19:00-20:30 UK 

Full Moon in Taurus: Thursday 19th November 19:00-20:30 BST

If you would like to join both circles, sign up for the circle membership to receive a members discount.