Inner Voice

Your inner voice is the peaceful place inside of yourself, that inner knowing that feels calm, abundant and love. 

Your inner voice, or what some people call intuition, is the peaceful place inside of you.


Think of a decision you've had to make when your mind is telling you to go one way, but inside you know you need to go the other even though it doesn't make any sense, this is your inner voice.


Your own personal inner guidance system. 



The magical thing about your inner voice is that when you ask it questions it answers back. During an inner voice session, you live as this peaceful part of you for 2 hours as I speak directly to your inner voice and ask all of the questions your mind has. The best part about these sessions is that once you learn how to access your inner voice, you can do this by yourself whenever you need to. The sessions are also recorded so you can listen back and hear all of the wisdom your inner voice shares, as during the session you are completely in your body and your mind won't remember what is shared. 


Who is an Inner Voice session for?

Everyone has that one topic they have a lot of fear or resistance around whether its relationships, family, career, money, health, world events and if you're wanting some guidance around your big topic or all of them, your inner voice can provide answers from a place of infinite wisdom, like your own personal Eckhart Tolle or Abraham Hicks.

If you've got a big decision to make in your life, maybe you feel stuck or in limbo, your inner voice will be able to help you make that decision and show you which steps to take next. 

Maybe your mind is strong and overactive like mine, and you're craving some peace from this noise. Inner Voice sessions allow you 2 hours to be in the most peaceful and tranquil place away from the mind, inside of your body. 
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Why work with me? 

My Inner voice led me to become a facilitator to show others that life can be fun and easy so during these sessions we will playing with your inner voice to bring more joy into your life. These sessions are healing but you know what, healing doesn't have to be heavy or hard, my clients experience everything from giggles and dancing to crying and shouting, and all end the session feeling more happiness than they did before. 
How to Book a Session?

If you feel called to book an inner voice session, use the bookings services below. Sessions are available online via zoom and right now are free for those who feel that they need a session. If you would like a chat with me before booking, book a free consultation chat below.