Emotional Release

Emotions are like the weather, they come in and flow out. When you block that flow and stop yourself from feeling the emotion, it becomes stored in your body. These old stored emotions are what we call bean bags. 
What is Emotional Release?

Emotional release is a 1:1 session, similar to an inner voice session, where we ask your inner voice to bring up any bean bags that are ready to be released for your highest good. During the session, you will learn how to release these emotions that you held onto in the past, so that when other bean bags are triggered in the future you will know exactly how to release them. 
Why Choose to Release Bean Bags?

When emotions are trapped in the body, they manifest in different ways such as pain, discomfort, illness, behaviour patterns, so when we release them we are healing the body and mind. Once you've released a bean bag it's gone forever and the topic connected to the bean bag will have less resistance and fear for you. Releasing old emotions that have been holding you back in life, will leave you feeling more peace than you have ever felt and strengthen your connection to your inner voice.  
If you feel called to book an emotional bean bag release, use the bookings services below. Sessions are available online via zoom and right now are free for those who feel that they need a session. If you would like a chat with me before booking, book a free consultation chat below.